Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 - IMPACT Chicago

Meet Martha Thompson, Director for IMPACT Chicago, a self defense program for women and girls. In this episode, Scott falls in love with Martha as we go Myth Busters on the world of women's self defense and find out that - spoiler alert - men and women are equal, butt-kicking can be fun and being able to protect yourself can make you more polite. We'll also protest the protest laws and learn how to fight hunger (one fork at a time?) at First Slice cafe. And yes, Arden finds a way to mention banana peels which is probably why she'll soon be replaced by Martha.

We forgot to take pictures - but we promise Martha is real and you can find her blog at'

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 - ComedySportz

Meet Sheetom Ashbrook, an improv performer for the ComedySportz rec league, and learn all about the improv scene in Chicago and what sets ComedySportz apart. Scott and Arden get the goods on shows (including free ones!), classes and even try out a little improv of their own (it's harder than it seems!). Plus some excellent venting about Chicago and a great Chicago secret. So get ready for a totes inapropro podcast that will make you lol for realz.

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