Be On Your Chicago!

Hey you - yes, you. Are you someone who makes Chicago go? We'd love to have you as a guest! We're always seeking interesting people doing interesting things in the city.

Here's What We're Looking For
We want people who are doing something for Chicago. Something that's just so...Chicago. We want a great story about how you're making our home a bigger, better, happier, healthier, safer, friendlier place.

Examples of past guests:
An Alderman
Chicago ghost tour guide
The founder of a popular Chicago coffee roaster
A Chicago Police Officer
A neighborhood street festival Organizer
Someone who is blogging about their life on a boat on the Chicago river
A Chicago Tribune reporter
The founder of company that publishes histories and guidebooks about the greater Chicago area

Here's What We're Not Looking For
We're not looking for entrepreneurs and artists who want to promote themselves. If you got a business, book or show that's based in Chicago, that doesn't mean you'll be a good guest for us. You've got to show us how you're doing something that's Chicago-centric and that's impacting Chicagoans or is really unique to Chicago!

Also, take a look at our past guest list and see if we've already interviewed someone who is doing something similar to you or is in the same industry/field as you. We regularly turn down folks because of this reason, so check first!

Other Details
  • It takes about an hour and a half to record a show. 
  • We record almost exclusively on Saturdays.
  • We're often booked many months in advance. If you've got something time sensitive, please keep in mind that your episode most likely won't come out for a while. 

Here's What It Looks Like

Yeah. We have a YouTube video

Contact Us!
If you think you'd make a great guest, then send us an e-mail!