Tuesday, January 28, 2014

46 - Jason Chin

Meet Jason Chin, author, director, writer, performer, teacher, coach, blogger, king of the twitters, bon vivant and veteran of the improv wars. In this episode, Jason shares stories and insights from his place at the forefront of the Chicago comedy scene for the last two decades, gave us the depressing stats for the privatization of Chicago's meter and public transit system, points out that cabbies should probably be required to know where they're going in order to drive a cab and shares the secret menu item at Salt and Pepper Diner.

You can find Jason on Twitter and Wordpress

If you want to hear Arden geek out about Doctor Who on the Queue the Day podcast, you can go here

We've also got our New Years resolution in full swing! In 2014, we're going to give the venerable Tom Skilling a shout out at the end of every show until he agrees to come on and chat with us. Shouldn't be too hard...right?

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