Monday, November 26, 2012

22 - Hedwig Dances

Meet Jan Bartozek, Founder and Artistic Director of Hedwig Dances, a contemporary dance theater ensemble. In this episode, Jan talks about starting a dance company, the creative process of putting together a performance from start to finish and Hedwig's exciting new Cuban collaboration project as well as the football huddle, the Rookery and dedicated dance venues in the city.

And we have a giveaway this week! Hedwig is offering two Touch Cuba t-shirts to you, our fair listeners. Just write in to with your favorite dance performance to be entered. Stay tuned for lots of other great giveaways in the coming episodes.

We forgot to take a picture with Jan! But she looked just like this. We promise.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

21 - The Paper Machete

Meet Christopher Piatt, Executive Producer and Editor in Chief of The Paper Machete, a free, weekly, live magazine. In this episode, Chris celebrate's YC's 21st birthday by explaining what a live magazine is and what it takes to put one together each week, venting about the indignities of the CTA, sharing the naked bliss that is Paradise Sauna and learning about some of Chicago's natural disaster history.

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