Monday, March 26, 2012

7 - Shit Chicagoans Say

Meet Robert Bacon, creator of Shit Chicagoans Say and self described delicious treat (although Arden can gladly attest to that fact).  In this episode, we admit we've been stalking (not in a creepy way) him since episode 4, talk about the making of the video and find out about life after 800,000 YouTube views. Bacon also confirms that we are not recording in a basement with a single microphone hanging from a laundry string (whatever that is), challenges the Shit Chicagoans Say haters to call into the show and gives Chicago a talking to about the bike/car relationship. And if you think we sound a lot better, you can thank our new audio tech, Chris, who - among other things - turned our microphones the right way. Seriously.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

6 - Auditorium Theater

Meet Nicole Losurdo, Senior Director of Education at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University and former Archer Road Kiwanis Peanut Queen. In this episode, we get the skinny on architecture, theater ghosts and - oh yeah - the amazing and life changing programming provided by the Auditorium Theatre. Plus we talk (in our best Chicago accents) about Chicago fashion in the Spring (40 degrees is spring, right?), Archer avenue, the right way to cook a Veterans Tamale and city driving etiquette.

Episode Extras:

If you weren't already Googling it from you phone while listening, you can find the Hands Together Heart to Art website here

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