Your Chicago

Chicago is a fabulous city.

Well, we're biased.

We pretty much think it's the best city of all. But what makes it so great is the awesome people who make the legendary food, star in our one-of-a-kind shows, organize our wonderful festivals, play our unique music and so much more. If you've ever wanted to sit down and meet these people, this is your chance! Whether you're a tourist, a recent transplant or a life long resident, this is the Chicago podcast for you.

Stefania (Sox fan) and Arden (Cubs fan) will be your hosts as they get to know the people who make Chicago the big urban jungle with the Midwestern charm. Enjoy!

Your Hosts

Arden Joy is child of the Northside with a penchant for travel, yoga, writing, marketing, podcasting and words like penchant.
You can check out her travel website at www.girlswhotravel.org

Stefania is not a Chicago native, but outside of her hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma, Chicago has been her second longest home.  Stefania loves eating, drinking, music, and comedy and can be seen around town doing one of these things if not a combination of.  She also shares her birthday with Chicago (March 4
th) but of course the city is older. 

Your Other Stuff 

Your Chicago theme song by Andrew Ferris

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