Monday, May 21, 2012

10 - Sonia Lala Photography

Meet Sonia Lala, a Chicago photographer whose work you've probably seen in a coffee shop near you. In this exciting 10th episode, Scott and Arden celebrate hitting the double digits by chatting with one of the fabulous artists who brighten the walls of your local cafe and getting her to share the details on urban decay, silos in the city, f-stops and Chicago exploration meetups. And as if that weren't enough, we also solve the dog waste problem (hint: it involves vigilantes, tazers and DNA testing) and get the details on two gems of the city: Udupi Palace and Lincoln Karaoke.

The photo that started it all

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  1. Anyone that wants to see Chicago outside of its mainstream skylines,sunsets pictures of the lake, and multiple angled pictures of the "bean" should check out Sonia Lala's photographs at Caribou Coffee. She is a very unique photographer with passion, creativity, and a desire to get better. As illustrated in her quintessential photographs at Caribou Coffee, each picture pushes the envelope of reality and fantasy. For instance, she has a picture of a golden retriever that, at first blush, looks like it is stranded in Alaska running through the blistering snow. It reminded me of a childhood memory, specifically the time my family and I rented an igloo in Alaska. And as I gazed onto the colorfully multi-faceted Alaska sky, I happened to see wolf pups joyfully running along in the far distance. Rather than cry wolf to my parents, I relished in their playful innocence. Thank you Sonia, for bringing me back to my childhood.

  2. Can you guys post an image of the dog photo? I would love to take a look.


    1. Great idea! Sonia sent over a copy of the photo and I've updated the blog.